Willem Hofhuizen

Signature Willem Hofhuizen

Willem Hofhuizen Painter Draftsman Sculptur Glazier

* Amsterdam 27 July 1915

† Maastricht 23 December 1986

Apollonian Expressionist


He studied in Amsterdam from 1939 until 1944 at the State Academy for the Visual Arts where his teachers where Jurres and Campendonk. He went on study trips to Egypt, Italy, Spain, Portugal and also France, where he stayed in Paris for about a year. As "Amsterdammer" he moved to Maastricht where he stayed for the rest of his life. Willem Hofhuizen's paintings reflect his inner world, in which man (more specifically, the archetypal woman) plays a dominant role. In many of his paintings he is one of the onlookers at the scene, looking over other people's shoulders and satisfied with what he sees. It is his world, which he depicts in his own characteristic manner, in which the transparency of materials plays a major role.